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Title: Problem with mixed playlists
Post by: Nejiro on 2018-11-18 23:25:59
Greetings to all, since I put the 1.4.1 version I'm having problems with mixed playlists, ie formed by different codecs, I try to explain myself, I often make playlists in which I put different songs with different codecs (example pcm and dsd with various containers like flac, wv,dsf etc ..), often the playback when it has to go from one song to another stops, I can not explain why, to start it again I have to click on play, the problem is random but often does it from a pcm to a dsd or the opposite, does anyone else have the same problem with the 1.4.1 or do I have to see if I have some wrong settings?
Thank you
Title: Re: Problem with mixed playlists
Post by: kode54 on 2018-11-19 01:10:09
If you are using DSD with some plugin for native DSD output instead of DSD decoded to PCM, your output device will have to be restarted between switches between PCM and DSD output.
Title: Re: Problem with mixed playlists
Post by: Nejiro on 2018-11-19 01:41:44
Tomorrow I do a test but I think I understand what you want to tell me, I had a dsd512 to try and my system did not reproduce it, I had to change the output module from [DSD-ASIO my dac] to [DSD - DoP / Native] using the transcoder dsd, tomorrow I try to replace the output module that I used before and see if the problem is solved.
Thank you so much
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