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Title: Are custom DSPs for fb2k/Android possible at this moment?
Post by: magicgoose on 2018-10-06 08:50:06
Basically this question. There are none on Google Play, and https://foobar2000.org/components I suppose are not cross-platform.
If that's currently nowhere close to be real, then I'd like to ask for a parametric equalizer, that is something similar to ReaEQ from
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for example; or maybe if there's a plug-in SDK for fb2k/Android which is just not available to everyone yet, I could give it a try myself :D

Fixed-band equalizer doesn't quite get there; I need to be able to cancel a few resonant frequencies on my speakers and for that I need to be able to set certain frequency as a center of a band, and a sharp roll-off.
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