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Question: What resampler do you use the most?
Option 1: SSRC 1.31-1.33 (latest command line versions from author Naoki Shibata) votes: 1
Option 2: dbPowerAmp/SSRC Foobar embedded votes: 1
Option 3: SoX (command line and/or Foobar embedded) votes: 5
Option 4: PPHS Foobar embedded votes: 0
Option 5: FinalCD votes: 0
Option 6: other (you can specify which one in replies) votes: 0
Title: Resampler usage
Post by: jumpingjackflash5 on 2016-06-17 11:58:52

I would like to know what resamplers (if any) the people here use. I personally much prefer SSRC (now version 1.33) from Naoki Shibata, normal profile settings for most conversions (if they are required). You can specify further in replies and also e.g. specify the settings you use if the resampler is configurable (such as SoX - passband/aliasing/phase).

Thank you for answering!
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