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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: MathAudio Room EQ for Foobar2000
Last post by racerxnet -
I am having problems with the software working on my computer. When Mathaudio is enabled in the DSP and opened, there is no response on the meter to show the microphone is picking up sound. The in/out button is not visible either. I can see that the Umik-1 is functioning in the recording properties of Windows 7. Clicking the button for a sweep does not function, no sound output from Mathaudio. If I am playing a song and click the sweep button it outputs the test signal but does not record. Output was changed with WASAPI, KS, ASIO, and direct Sound. 32bit DLL is loaded in Foobar. 

Is this not working because the Umik-1 is not recognized by MathAudio?

My chain is as follows; Computer - Berkeley Alpha USB - Tri-Vista 21 DAC - Pre Amp - Amplifiers - Speakers.

Software; Windows 7 Pro, Latest Foobar2k, MathAudio, Umik-1. Exclusive access checked in sound properties and tried unchecked.

All help appreciated!

Thanks Mark
CUETools / Re: NULL Samples Injected Between Tracks of MP3 Output
Last post by NOYB -
Well CDs are 16 bit so don't see much point in deepening them.  Which is probably better then the best MP3 and WMC doesn't support FLAC.

Not concerned about future support.  If I were to change to a different media center system I'd probably be changing file formats anyway.  Probably FLAC.  Just a few clicks to put out a different format and already have FLAC on Android phone.

Thanks for the info though.  It's good to know.
CUETools / Re: Not Following CUE Sheet File Path
Last post by NOYB -
Would think the order should be...
1) the file path specified in the cue file.
2) wav file with same name (as CUE file) in the current folder.
3) attempt to find audio feature.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Wake up foobar2000 after sleep and hibernate
Last post by seriousstas -
Test exit from sleep and hibernation of two new versions.
foobar2000_v1.4.8 comes out of sleep without problems.
Sometimes I see a message (switching to the next track):
Decoding failure at 1: 51.283 (Device not ready):
"D: \ CloZee - Evasion (2018) \ 05 Spiral.mp3"

foobar2000_v1.5_beta_16 - loses the device and the screen (screenshot) of the device selection appears.
CUETools / Re: Not Following CUE Sheet File Path
Last post by korth -
FILE "folder\cd.wav" WAVE
FILE ".\folder\cd.wav" WAVE
FILE "C:\folder\cd.wav" WAVE
So the file names are not unique?
If there is a wav file with the same name (as in the CUE file) in the current folder then CUETools will attempt to use that file.
If the path in the CUE file is not valid and an audio file exists in the current folder then CUETools will attempt to use that file (when Locate audio files if missing is checked).
FLAC / Re: Issue streaming FLAC files over home network
Last post by pr0m3th3u5 -
Probably an issue with Oppo 203 blu-ray player, Denon 4200 receiver or NAS.

Since you are using latest routers and Ethernet cables bandwidth issue is unlikely. Since FLAC is open source you can be sure that all the applications use the same library, the official one. Compression level will not effect decoding process.

Check and see if the FLACs stream alright to your phone/laptop/other hardware using an app that supports SMB shares. VLC comes to mind.

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