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Title: visualization
Post by: SafirXP on 2003-05-30 19:12:00
would just like to know if there's any visualization plug for foobar. i usually dont use it but sometimes its fun. my avatar should give a good idea, when its fun!
Title: visualization
Post by: Funkstar De Luxe on 2003-05-30 20:04:38
Not yet, but one may come along soon... Although no one has said they were working on one.  Perhaps Foober just has the wrong kind of community for vis'.

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Title: visualization
Post by: Curi0us_George on 2003-05-30 20:14:11
No, you won't be seeing any vis stuff.  There's no way to retrieve the latency, as of right now, so it's not possible to sync the vis.
Title: visualization
Post by: Funkstar De Luxe on 2003-05-31 11:47:17
  After reading this post I do realise I kinda miss them... Even a little ossciloscope would do it.  Oh well, I can wait untill we can get latency info.
Title: visualization
Post by: Garf on 2003-05-31 11:48:57
Shouldn't it be possible if you manually set latency (no DSPs can be used obviously) in the viz?
Title: visualization
Post by: Peter on 2003-05-31 11:53:52
Please hold your horses and wait for proper visualisation API coming in 0.7 or 0.8.
Title: visualization
Post by: PhrostByte on 2003-05-31 16:59:11
www.geisswerks.com <- Geiss Screen Saver. works with any audio player.
Title: visualization
Post by: ExUser on 2003-05-31 17:41:09
Please hold your horses and wait for proper visualisation API coming in 0.7 or 0.8.

What other new and nifty features are planned for future versions, Peter?
Title: visualization
Post by: psynapse on 2003-06-03 03:21:26
i'm patient. visualization wouldn't add greatly to foobar2000, but it'd be neat nonetheless 

on that note, what i'd like to see is an ANSi visualizer, to keep in style with foobar2000's decidedly 'text mode' look.

it might be rather slow though, but imagine an 80x50 window showing text mode AVS style visuals 
Title: visualization
Post by: billcow on 2003-06-06 04:11:52
while i agree that vis in foobar is far from needed, sometimes i just like to sit back and listen to music - and for that vis is really good.

foobar is really (IMO) better in it's current state for listening while working at the same time - not that it doesn't fullfill most of the needs for standalone listening (quality and usability being chief among them), but that it gets kind of boring staring at it's playlist, no matter how nifty your formatting string is.

I read this post and got a vision of a vis plugin utilizing directx overlays ala drempels or most media players to place a vis behind the playlist - add borders around the text for readability and you've got everything - foobar's unmatched interface and psychadelic visuals
Title: visualization
Post by: KikeG on 2003-06-23 19:25:31
For me, a FFT visualization plugin would be useful.

Edit: forget it, I just read it's already planned/done.
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