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Title: Transcoding with embedded pictures
Post by: John Clement on 2012-11-07 07:44:56
Is there any way to have Foobar keep embedded pictures when transcoding?  I have pictures in my FLAC files while transcoding to MP3 and I would like Foobar to transfer the pictures to my MP3 files.  If this is not available it should be considered for a future release.
Title: Transcoding with embedded pictures
Post by: marc2003 on 2012-11-07 10:29:17
it's not possible at the moment. it does come up a lot on the forums but hasn't really had any response.

having said that the ability to embed art within foobar came out of nowhere. people pestered for years and that also got no response and then it happened completely out of the blue. so it might come one day.

i believe dbpoweramp can transcode and keep embedded art.

using foobar, you could batch extract the art from your source material into the same folder. then have foobar copy these images during transcode. then you can do a batch import into the new files. finally use windows explorer to find and delete all the extra images that were created for this process.
Title: Transcoding with embedded pictures
Post by: John Clement on 2012-11-07 21:26:52
Thanks. Dbpoweramp works like a champ, but after the month it is hobbled unless paid for.  It has some nice features such as having a large number of plug-in processors, and the integration with the Windows properties so you can easily view or change the info for all supported codecs.  But I could not find a stereo to mono filter.  However drag and drop does not seem to work for the batch mode.  It potentially is faster to transcode because it uses multiple processors.  It is not a player and specializes in ripping, transcoding, or burning.

I now wonder if FOOBAR has a plugin to support directX filters.  Finding FOOBAR plug-ins is harder that for dbpoweramp, which can download them almost automatically.

Title: Transcoding with embedded pictures
Post by: somy on 2012-11-08 09:00:45
I'm looking for the same feature, it is a pity that Foobar2000 cannot do it.
Title: Transcoding with embedded pictures
Post by: Anakunda on 2012-11-08 09:14:56
strangely foobar sometimes preserves album art, don't know upon what condition but freshly converted tracks sometimes do contain embedded art, guessingly when converting to lossless format.
Title: Transcoding with embedded pictures
Post by: John Clement on 2012-11-08 16:25:04
Dbpoweramp free will also do this when converting to FLAK, but only the paid version or the trial will convert to MP3 and a number of other formats.  I just tried MP3 to FLAK, but no album art was embedded.  Curiosly FOOBAR showed the album art for the track but when I went to manage album art, it was not there.  So apparently it can pick up the art from another file.  I suspect if you moved the converte file into its own folder that FOOBAR might forget the album art, or if you closed FOOBAR and re-opened it that might also make it forget.

A previous message expressed wanting a feature, but did not specify the antecedent,  DIRECTX filters, or transcoded album art.  Of course neither dbpoweramp or FOOBAR would make good audio processing programs because they do not have the ability to carefully cut the tracks, but they could serve as batch processors.  There are other inexpensive commercial products which are much better for this and do support all kinds of filters.
Title: Transcoding with embedded pictures
Post by: maruseru on 2012-11-08 23:29:27
I'm also interested in this post, I got a folder for all my cover arts. its like /%artist%/%album%. I have foobar pointing there so I can load them as if they were embedded, it would be great to have a way to embed them automatically while transcoding.
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