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Title: Feature Request & Bug
Post by: DjDSoft on 2003-05-14 03:07:43
1. Option to autosave foobar database on changes (if it contain few songs) and option to autosave every n-minits, also button 'Save DB'.
2. May be add ability of two DB ? e.g. one - network storage for all users and everyone also has its own db, and all have automaticaly new storage DB. I think it would be useful.
3. Add %_filesize% (to display in playlist and in file info tab)  and %_filedate% (to sort by this).

4. Bug: Replaygain -> editing file tags -> masstagger/rename files => some files 'lost' replaygain info (but it is still in file !). Some files -  mean e.g. 2 from 29. After I 'replygained' it again, this don't change. So, problem with DB.

5. foo_snizzle - Curi0us_George, can you make interface much smaller (as dbsearch) and add option to hide top listbox ?
Title: Feature Request & Bug
Post by: Curi0us_George on 2003-05-14 03:56:38
Unfortunately, there will be no foo_shizzle development for some time.  A large portion of the code was lost, and I honestly don't feel like rewriting it right now.

I don't know if I'll be doing anything to the gui when I get back to work on foo_shizzle.
Title: Feature Request & Bug
Post by: stripe on 2003-05-14 07:01:55
I'm pretty sure %_filesize% has already been debated a bit.  Do a search...

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