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Title: configuration with this setup?
Post by: joeg on 2003-02-27 18:16:09
I'm trying to figure out how to get the fullest sound out of my setup... I know my setup is "clean" but i'm talking about what surround mode to use on the reciever in combination with a dsp plugin or something... i had used the a3d plugin with "matrix" mode on my reciever when i was using winamp, and it sounded great...

Heres my hardware and configurations:

I'm using the latest version of foobar, no dsp right now, 24bit dithered output.
I have a M-Audio Sonica plugged into a Denon AVR-3200 Reciever (Via Optical)... 

I have a full 5.1 setup:
-front speakers (2way with 10" woofers)
-center (4way)
-sub (12," about 150w (internal) amp)
-rear speakers (1way with 8" woofers)

the channel levels on the reciever itself are:
-front +5db
-center +6db
-rear +12db
-sub +6db

now, the reciever has "stereo" (2channel), "dolby surround", "5 channel stereo", and "matrix"...

basically, i think i want to get a setup similiar to the a3d plugin i was using in winamp (Info (http://a3d-plugin.virtualave.net/))...  the sonica has "TrueSurroundXT" as a feature in the driver which i was playing with...  am i best off playing with that? or would a dsp plugin do a better job and just disable the truesurroundxt?  and what mode on the reciever do i use with any of this?

or should i just disable the trusound, and go with 5ch stereo on the reciever and no dsp whatsoever??
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