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Title: [Request] Link FB2K volume to system volume (should be simple?)
Post by: FalconFour on 2009-01-31 00:47:57
I think this should be relatively simple to implement, and I believe it may have been in the past as a plugin for FB2K 0.8x... but not under 0.9x.

What I'm looking for is simply a plugin that can replace FB2K's "preamp" volume control with just the system volume control. I always have FB2K's volume maxed, and use the keyboard volume keys to turn the system volume up and down... it just works quite nicely.

Well, I just started using foo_httpcontrol and it has a dropdown to select the volume level and change it remotely... which is real nice, but counterproductive on my living room server!

My living room server is super-ultra-multi-purpose. It takes the line-out from the TV and routes it to the speakers, and plays music through the same. Since the TV is fixed-volume, I need to change the server's volume to turn the speaker volume up or down. When FB2K's volume requires that the OS volume be at maximum all the time, well... I get problems!

I'd much rather that FB2K's volume change Windows' volume directly instead of just messing with the gain on the playback... does such a plugin exist? If not, how would I go about writing one, or is anyone else interested? I do have some coding experience...
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