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Title: gapless
Post by: vasya_pupkin on 2002-12-23 12:56:42
is it possible to make playing gapless?
Title: gapless
Post by: Hawk on 2002-12-23 13:00:45
I second that. It would be great!
Title: gapless
Post by: Scidd0w on 2002-12-23 13:06:37
me too..

Options to define crossfading like dsoundout for wa2 would be
great too.. Is this planned?
Title: gapless
Post by: TrNSZ on 2002-12-23 13:14:57
The problem is that gapless playback on MP3 files is a hack because of the structure of the files themselves.  The only way to get true gapless playback would be to add something like a silence detection hack, and I doubt that PP would put hacks like this high on the priority list.

If you use MPC files for example, the playback is already gapless in FB2K.
Title: gapless
Post by: ger@co on 2002-12-23 13:23:19
There is a Crossfading plugin for winamp 2.xx.  I don't know how well it works, but you can go to the Winamp site for the plugin and check it out for yourself.  The built in Crossfader in WA3 works great.  I have both versions installed and when I want to hear gapless music I use WA3.

Title: gapless
Post by: Scidd0w on 2002-12-23 13:26:24
thanx.. but i know that allready..
i was reffering to the directsound output plugin for wa peter
also wrote... im wondering if he wil put user difinable options
in foobar2k..
Title: gapless
Post by: Peter on 2002-12-23 13:29:17
if you want "gapless" playback, you should learn to encode your files in decent formats first.
no "gap remover" for you.
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