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Title: Foobar 0.9 rc Converter
Post by: Tim Mervielde on 2006-02-26 00:51:29

I've been testing (and using) 0.9 almost fulltime since the release of the first beta: Very nice work! (IMO the 0.9 branch has been more stable than the 0.83 branch  )

Two minor (mainly cosmetical) nit-pickings with regards to the current converter:

1.) Mppenc.exe supports fractional quality-values since a long time (eg. --quality x.yz). In the current musepack Foobar2000-converter only integer values are allowed with the slider. Is this intended behaviour? (perhaps to allow compatibility with very old mppenc.exe's?) Could this ev. be changed to allow fractional values?

2.) Oggenc2.exe (eg. the acclaimed Aotuv branch) uses a comma for fractional values (eg. x,yz) instead of x.yz on my system. Could the Vorbis-converter be adapted to automatically use comma-delineated fractional values (eg -q X,YZ) with certain Vorbis-encoders?

In all respect, and with congratulations for the hard work on the 0.9 branch  ,

Title: Foobar 0.9 rc Converter
Post by: rosshmusic on 2006-02-26 01:54:59
you should be able to pass anything the encoder will accept by manually entering the correct command line options...

choose the encoder you want... say ogg -q5... then change to custom and it will give you a command line interface so you can define the string your way... I may be missing what your trying to do, but maybe this will help...

EDIT: I just tried this and it worked fine for me... I converted a file with the decimal command line then changed it to fractional (then saved it)... and each conversion was identical in file size as one would expect...
Title: Foobar 0.9 rc Converter
Post by: Peter on 2006-02-26 03:33:56
- Musepack restriction was set by recommendations of musepack.net people - non-"integral" quality values are not as well-tested and are hardly ever used.
- Vorbis encoder requiring parameters depending on system settings is a problem by itself - now that I am aware of it, I will add a fix, but I think this should be fixed on oggenc side as well (breaks people's .bat files and so on).
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