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Title: Optimfrog 4.5alpha
Post by: SK1 on 2002-10-28 22:33:06
My favourite lossless audio encoder has been updated. However, the new version is alpha, but still worth checking out of course .

After a long period of absence, I managed to finish
a new release version for OptimFROG - 4.5alpha.

It has the following features:

- new extensible compressed format
- 64 bits large file support
- enhanced compression compared to version 4.21
- new optimize mode, further improving compression
  at no cost for decoding
- ultra and insane compression modes
- optimal support for ALL integer PCM wave formats
  up to 32 bits
- full pipe processing
- multiple file processing

Not yet implemented, but will be ready soon:
- CRC32 and recovery information
- MD5 hash for audio data and compressed stream
- multichannel
- ID3 tagging
- Replay Gain
- raw data
- IEEE float, uLaw and aLaw data types
- Winamp, XMMS plug-ins and Linux version

Download it from http://ghido.shelter.ro (http://ghido.shelter.ro)

Also, thanks Matt for giving me credit in the source code
for the generalized stereo decorrelation algorithm ideas,
now used in Monkey since 3.95a1...
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