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Title: Word Jazz
Post by: plonk420 on 2004-05-17 11:01:43
anyone listen to this surreal show? it's on at a weird time/day (i work weekend-ish nights at a theater and it's right after a set starts so i'm checking theaters for sound/picture quality at that approx time) so i haven't heard too many, but i love the weirdness of Ken Nordine! 

http://wordjazz.com/radio.php (http://wordjazz.com/radio.php)

direct links to the realmedia8 (impressively good) streams:

rtsp://real.anglepark.com/wordjazz/WordJazzRadio01.rm (up to at least 83) and
rtsp://real.anglepark.com/wordjazz/WordJazzRadio10AndAHalf.rm and

and here's a few other links i just found tonight, after i got off my ass and decided to google him to find out if he's really crazy or something, after only knowing him thru his show...

http://www.dead.net/almanac/vol1_2/Nordine_Longp4.html (http://www.dead.net/almanac/vol1_2/Nordine_Longp4.html)
http://members.tripod.com/~thrust_2/ken-nordine.html (http://members.tripod.com/~thrust_2/ken-nordine.html)
http://www.pipeline.com/~dada3zen/KEN_NORDINE.htm (http://www.pipeline.com/~dada3zen/KEN_NORDINE.htm)

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