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Title: universal driver for multimedia keyboard
Post by: Melomane on 2003-12-26 20:43:52
if you have problem with your multimedia keyboard and foobar try this:

Kbdriver.exe (http://idw.wz.cz/?sub=1&id=1)

it is a freeware and you can configuera ALL multimedia keys
foobar2000.exe/playpause  /stop  /next  /prev

"If you have multimedia keyboard you can use "Kbdriver.exe" instead of OEM drivers which often don't allow you to configure more than few programmable buttons. Here you can configure all except ACPI keys (sleep, wake, power).

This program works different than OEM keyboard drivers. They control directly the keyboard input. The Multimedia Keyboard Driver creates keyboard hook and than monitors keystrokes. If some of the multimedia keys are ressed, it processes the desired operation.

With every multimedia key can be associated many functions: controlling Winamp, CD Player, Keystrokes, your own programs, …It is also possible to associate other functions with the multimedia keys when Shift or Control are pressed. This will give you so many programmable keys that you won't even be able to utilize them all.

You can also add support for your own keyboard with the program GetScan."
Title: universal driver for multimedia keyboard
Post by: anza on 2003-12-27 09:57:14
Whoa, sounds great! Will have to check it out right now.

edit: Erm.....

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Title: universal driver for multimedia keyboard
Post by: Melomane on 2003-12-27 14:02:56
I did not have messages of the antivirus!
if you wants I can  send you files (not the install.exe)
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