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Title: Add %date_created% Generic field???
Post by: dioness on 2020-11-21 15:00:19
Hi, within my library viewer, I'm sorting by how old the files are (so I select certain files at certain times).

E.g. I want to know what I had purchased in a specfic month of a specific year, since this is quite an important aspect of music from a personal perspective.

The only available tag is %last_modified%, however, if the file is updated (e.g. tags fixed), then the file is now shown as updated today?

With a %date_created% Generic field, this could be avoided? I'm sure it is a simple update to implement in future Foobar Versions?

many thanks
Title: Re: Add %date_created% Generic field???
Post by: kode54 on 2020-11-22 00:40:35
This has already been requested. The player's internal data structures do not store that information, so a lot of things would have to be changed in compatibility breaking ways, including breaking all existing components which handle or decode files, to add this.
Title: Re: Add %date_created% Generic field???
Post by: dioness on 2020-11-22 13:22:42
Thanks for the reply - I see, that would be a big update.

I guess the only way would be to use a third-party attributes changer to restore the last_modified date of the file in Windows explorer.

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