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Title: Wasm Tagger v0.9.1b
Post by: Lorenz on 2020-08-22 06:55:53
Wasm Tagger is a WebAssembly application running on modern web browsers with WASM support. It allows to open, edit and save popular tag formats inside audio files. It supports Synchronized Lyrics (SYLT) of ID3v2 tags.

Wasm Tagger v0.9.1 BETA - https://wasmtagger.medieval.it (https://wasmtagger.medieval.it/)

AUDIO FILES ARE NOT SENT TO SERVER. The app runs entirely on web browser of your device.

Currently supported audio files:

Currently supported tag formats:

After implementing FLAC files, next step is to improve the user-interface as much as possible. Any suggestions are welcome, kind regards
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