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Title: CD automatically shuffles when inserted into my CD Player?
Post by: apastuszak on 2020-03-12 17:23:33
I bought a CD from a thrift store called "ARISTA - the first 20 years."  It was still in the shrinkwrap.

It's doing something very odd I have never seen before.  I open the tray, pop the CD in and close it and do not press play and the CD just starts to shuffle play.  If I press stop and leave the CD in the tray, after some amount of time (I have not timed it), it will just start to shuffle play.

No other CD does this.

Is this part of the Red Book spec?  I'm trying to do some homework and figure this out, but my Google fu is not very good.

In my 30 years of buying Compact Discs, I have never seen a CD do this before.

This sounds like it would be a useful feature for bars and restaurants, where you pop a CD in and when it's done shuffling songs, it just repeats the shuffle.

If I press stop and then play, it will play the CD in proper order
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