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Title: Technics SL-QD33 turntable.
Post by: flaviosr on 2020-01-11 19:38:36
Dear All,
in the recent past I have decided to have an "old type" hi-fi stereo… and especially to have AGAIN a turntable. :)
Now my "creation" is as follows:
° ampli: Technics SU-V45A
° equalizer: Technics SH-8055
° turntable: Technics SL-QD33 with new cartridge Audio Technica AT 311 EP T4P
° speakers: Eltax (I cannot remember now the exact type… not the best in the world but they sound fair)
The system sounds quite well but I have a "stupid" issue…
The turntable is… bigger than the ampli or the equalizer.. the foot are barely in the shape of the ampli… do you have any idea on how to have the turntable "well-aligned" to the ampli below? I could put two wood bases on the sides to connect the front and rear feet but I would like to hear other ideas…
Thank you
Title: Re: Technics SL-QD33 turntable.
Post by: DVDdoug on 2020-01-12 02:54:25
You could just put a flat board on top of the amp (about the size of the turntable).  You might need some rubber feet so it doesn't wobble, and  also to give air space if there are any vents on top of the amp.   Or, you could make an inverted U-shaped riser.
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