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Title: Researcher develops new method for audio watermarking
Post by: whereistimbo on 2019-07-12 14:30:01
Link: https://ethz.ch/en/news-and-events/eth-news/news/2019/07/storing-data-in-music.html

Key paragraph:

>Tests the researchers have conducted show that in ideal conditions, their technique can transfer up to 400 bits per second without the average listener noticing the difference between the source music and the modified version (see also the audio sample). Given that under realistic conditions a degree of redundancy is necessary to guarantee transmission quality, the transfer rate will more likely be some 200 bits – or around 25 letters – per second. “In theory, it would be possible to transmit data much faster. But the higher the transfer rate, the sooner the data becomes perceptible as interfering sound, or data quality suffers,” Tanner adds.

>To tell the decoder algorithm in the smartphone where it needs to look for data, the scientists use very high notes that the human ear can barely register: they replace the music in the frequency range 9.8–10 kHz with an acoustic data stream that carries the information on when and where across the rest of the music’s frequency spectrum to find the data being transmitted.

Audio sample for comparison included in the link
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