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Title: modification request in case the sample range switches using kernel streaming
Post by: desmedtl on 2019-03-07 16:24:47
I am new to the forum but I have only one developer request.
I hope this is the right board.
Background: to me foobar 2K is the still best player out there. I am still using
foobar 2000 version 1.3.17 on a dedicated win xp (sp3) pc with KS to a T+A Dac 8 since years
Issue: foobar 2K always stops playing between tracks in a playlist when the sample rate switches. Hitting the 'play' button
is the solution for my setup with kernel streaming. It is the only problem I have.
Request: instead op resampling is it possible to resend the prg code behind the 'play' button
when the sample rate switches between tracks in a playlist for those who have this problem ? 
Is there a user exit in the main program and is this an additional component ?
I like to donate for this when the price is reasonable.
Kind Regards,
Luc Desmedt
Sorry for the inconvenience
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