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Title: Best WSH Cover Viewer for showing images in PC.
Post by: hikaze on 2019-02-27 10:37:40
I found this is the best WSH Cover Viewer for showing images in PC.
WSH Cover Viewer is used to display album art.It is based on foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod.dll plugin. It supports custom image paths, (Not search for internet) multipath, embedded image and images cycle, multiple images switching effects, images sorting, blacklist, etc. Features with a cache to improve performance, allowing multiple WSH Cover Viewers to be used under one UI.
I used it shows these images: all images in music folder,and some CD images in subdirectories(\BOOKLET,\scans,)
settings: <embed>||$directory_path(%path%)\*.*||$directory_path(%path%)\BOOKLET\*.*||$directory_path(%path%)\scans\*.*
This is written by bense on 2010.02.25.
But it crashed for foo_jscript_panel.
for WSH Panel Mod 1.5.6: Warning: Obsolete: window.CreateTimerInterval() is now obsolete, please use window.SetInterval() in new script.
Has anyone can help to correct this script for foo_jscript_panel?
Title: Re: Best WSH Cover Viewer for showing images in PC.
Post by: hikaze on 2019-04-20 08:00:31
It should change these items:(I don't know it is right or not.)
window.CreateTimerInterval(500)       window.SetInterval(on_timer, 500)
window.CreateTimerTimeout()    window.SetTimeout(on_timer, 500)

Can someone give me some guide? would be very appreciated!
AppendMenuItem()       ---->       AppendTo()


original code:
function on_metadb_changed(metadb, fromhook) {
   Cover && Cover.OnNewTrack(metadb);
   if (metadb)
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