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Title: Does FB2KV have an option to disable embedded cover art when adding a "location"
Post by: ghibliss on 2018-11-10 18:01:11
I am presently using Foobar 2000 V1.4 and would like to know if the program by default should be embedding cover art to the audio files.  When I added a "Location" which was my "E" drive containing all of my music folders everything worked as expected however all of my music which previously did not include embedded cover art now has it included which I am not happy with! 

I have back-up files so this can be corrected if there is an option located anywhere in the "preferences" folder to disable this function.  I have been unable to locate any function which will disable the embedded cover art from being installed.  I do not think that this is a function of the current skin that I am using as the location was added prior to changing to the current skin.

Aside from this glitch I am happy using Foobar2000 as it supports playback of my vast music collection which includes, FLAC , SHN, DSF, .DFF, and .ISO files.  This application allows me the ability to play all of my music on one piece of software which is very convenient.  I presently am connected to the application via USB via my PC and listed through my Teac UD-503 Headphone preamp which supports playback of DSD files natively. 
Title: Re: Does FB2KV have an option to disable embedded cover art when adding a "location"
Post by: Case on 2018-11-10 18:37:20
foobar2000 doesn't add art or do any other modifications to your files unless you ask it to. I'm also pretty sure no third party component alters your files by default automatically either. The "skins" you find online are combinations of third party components + custom configurations and they can do pretty much anything.
Title: Re: Does FB2KV have an option to disable embedded cover art when adding a "location"
Post by: anamorphic on 2018-11-11 00:25:27
Hi there,

What skin are you using? (Skins should not be adding art by themselves). Does it use Default UI or Columns UI or JScript panels?

To be clear, when you right-click such a track, and go Tagging > Manage Attached Pictures, the embedded art window opens and it has a "Front cover : 500x500 JPEG" picture?

The playlist display might be picking up "Folder.jpg" from the album folder (which can be a hidden file), so check for the existence of that.

You can setup the locations foobar looks for art. The options are under File > Preferences > Display > (Columns UI) > Album Art / (Artwork tab). The only other cover art option is under File > Preferences > Advanced > Display > Album Art, where you can set it to prefer external, embedded, or whichever is larger.

Cheers :)
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