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Title: [Double-post] Play DSD in wavpack in Foobar 1.4
Post by: Nejiro on 2018-10-28 15:51:40
Hi all, I have some dsd files encapsulated in wv format (Wavepack) but I can not reproduce them in the correct way, that is if imposed in the output module both asio and wasapi gives me an error saying that you can not start the drivers, the 'only way to play them is set on the output module Direct Sound (DS) but in this case intervenes the windows miser (at least I think) and then my dac sees them as normal pcm files 44.1 .....
Reading this guide [LINK REMOVED] say that Foobar reproduces them from version 1.0.4 of the sacd plugin (I currently have the last version 1.1.0), can anyone tell me why I can not play them using asio or wasapi but only with DS?
Thank you
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