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Title: Visualizations not showing in Live Edit feature
Post by: Hugg Niceman on 2018-07-19 00:14:40
I am running the newest version of fb2k with Columns UI installed. I am trying to use the Live Edit feature to allow me to place the visualizations on there like I had previously, but only the spectrum analyzer is available. I have them all available via the view menu, but that only brings up the visualization in its own window and I can't see a way to dock that into the actual UI. Any help would be much appreciated.
Title: Re: Visualizations not showing in Live Edit feature
Post by: jazzthieve on 2018-07-19 06:34:37
I think you have some things confused. Live edit is a default ui feature and has nothing to do with Columns UI. That's not how you place panels using Columns UI. Spectrum analyzer is indeed a columns UI visualization panel.
I'm not familiar with default UI but a quick test using default ui and layout editing mode using "add new ui element" and selecting any of the available playback visualization simply places the panel without issue. Available visualizations are oscilloscpe, peak meter, spectogram, vu meter and spectrum.

You don't need Columns UI. Make sure under Preferences - Display you have User interface module set to Default User Interface. Then simply add your UI element in live edit mode.
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