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Title: Dolby to Restrict Non-Native Upmixing on Atmos Based Products
Post by: soundping on 2018-06-05 00:13:49
Variety is said to be the spice of life. Why only eat cherry Starbursts when you can sample orange, watermelon, lemon, etc? The same applies to multi-channel surround sound upmixers. But the folks at Dolby┬« apparently want you to eat ONLY one flavor. Their flavor.  We recently got wind of a new Dolby mandate that restricts how you will be able to upmix native Dolby content that will take effect on all NEW Atmos-based products (ie. receivers, processors and soundbars) coming in 2019 and current 2018 products that are able to receive firmware updates.

More here.
Title: Re: Dolby to Restrict Non-Native Upmixing on Atmos Based Products
Post by: pr0m3th3u5 on 2018-06-07 21:28:40
>Note: Maintaining native format and upmixing is something that has always been in the Dolby guidelines for licensees, but apparently never enforced until now.

>Why is Dolby Issuing this Mandate to its licensees?

>I believe Dolby maybe enforcing it in future products that bear its logo for two reasons:

>    Control quality of content so that their upmixer is only used with their software.
>    Put an end to Auro-3D and strike a blow to DTS.

Why is Dolby the default audio in DVD and Bluray?

Surprisingly there is no open source alternative here is it? DOLBY or DTS. Hmm :(
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