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Title: Qtaacenc Vs QAAC
Post by: IndyKid on 2018-01-11 10:17:10
Which encoder is better for True VBR?
Title: Re: Qtaacenc Vs QAAC
Post by: Pusherman on 2018-01-11 11:04:35
Those are both interfaces for Apples encoder, difference is not about quality.
Title: Re: Qtaacenc Vs QAAC
Post by: IndyKid on 2018-01-11 12:46:36
It means they provide the same output. So, which one do you recommend for converting my flacs to AAC. I'm using foobar for converting my music.
Title: Re: Qtaacenc Vs QAAC
Post by: Pusherman on 2018-01-12 11:35:30
I have used QAAC, never tested qtaacenc IIRC (did not have any problems). You can use makeportable.zip to extract required dll's from iTunes/QuickTime installer package and copy them to QAAC folder, iTunes/QuickTime installation is not mandatory.

Qtaacenc is not updated since 2011, can't think any reason to use it over QAAC. Output is depending only from iTunes/QuickTime encoder version.
Title: Re: Qtaacenc Vs QAAC
Post by: IndyKid on 2018-01-14 06:27:14
Thanks for the info. I'm gonna stick with QAAC.
Title: Re: Qtaacenc Vs QAAC
Post by: eahm on 2018-01-14 06:36:14
I asked this long time/years ago but I can't find the post, ask @nu774 (the creator of QAAC) and he will explain in details what's different.
Title: Re: Qtaacenc Vs QAAC
Post by: ThaCrip on 2018-01-15 07:41:09

Yeah, QAAC is pretty much the standard for converting FLAC to AAC (Apple AAC) in Foobar2000. It's what I use and I also use TVBR to because from what I have read around these forums it seems with TVBR and CVBR there is no clear difference in sound quality but TVBR generally produces smaller files which makes it more efficient.

what Pusherman said is what I use. basically you can get the makeportable.zip file from this link... https://sites.google.com/site/qaacpage/cabinet (it's okay for me to link to this, correct?)

or to give you the basic step-by-step process...

1)Install Foobar2000
2)Install Foobar2000 'encoder pack' (i.e. http://www.foobar2000.org/encoderpack )
3)Copy iTunes installer file to your Foobar2000 'encoders' folder.
4)Copy the makeportable.cmd file (which is inside of the makeportable.zip file you downloaded) to your Foobar2000 'encoders' folder.
5)Run the 'makeportable.cmd' file.
6)You should now see a 'QTfiles' folder inside of your Foobar2000's 'encoders' folder. this is the important folder you need.
7)You can delete the makeportable.cmd and the iTunes installer file from your Foobar2000's 'encoders' folder if you want.
8)Your finished and you never need to install any of that iTunes junk on your computer to make your own Apple AAC files ;)

NOTE: to make things easier in the future I would just backup the 'QTFiles' folder (like compress it with 7-zip etc) to a USB thumb drive etc so if you ever need to reinstall Foobar2000 in the future you can simply restore that 'QTfiles' folder back to the Foobar2000 'encoders' folder and your ready to go (well outside of the general Foobar2000 and Foobar 2000 Encoder Pack installation). basically will save you a bit of time in the future if you do this and you don't really have to worry about updating to the newest version of the Apple AAC encoder anyways since they have not had sound quality adjustments in many years now.

NOTE: if I recall correctly, you might see a 'QTfiles64' folder or something else to (in addition to the 'QTfiles' folder) but you can delete this as it's for 64bit encoding but the standard 32bit (i.e. 'QTfiles' folder) is simpler to use as Foobar2000 uses the 32bit encoder by default through it's usual interface and does not require any fancy custom settings like the 64bit encoder seems to. I suggest sticking with the 32bit encoder because of it's ease of use.
Title: Re: Qtaacenc Vs QAAC
Post by: eahm on 2018-01-15 08:40:08
Duude, he didn't ask for instructions, "I'm gonna stick with QAAC." means he already has figured it out. You're setting a standard that we should help no matter what instead people should try to work their own issues on their own first. Not a complain, just a critique, you do whatever you want :)
Title: Re: Qtaacenc Vs QAAC
Post by: ThaCrip on 2018-01-15 10:21:54

You made a good point. I guess I could have waited before posting those instructions.

but I figure at the very least... those instructions are for anyone who stumbles into this topic as it gives them a basic step-by-step process to get the basic core function up and running for making their own Apple AAC files with Foobar2000. those instructions can be potentially beneficial for random people who stumble into this topic.
Title: Re: Qtaacenc Vs QAAC
Post by: IndyKid on 2018-01-16 14:34:06
Thanks for the help guys! I have learned a lot from your suggestions and that makeportable thing is amazing.
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