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UPnP Media Library multiple artists
Trying to figure out how to have the foobar media server output files with multiple tags.

For example I just added my mp3 folder of "Frozen" the movie soundtrack to my library. All the files have multiple tags with multiple artists for example they all have "Disney" as the artist but then also they all have the individual singer as well.

When I look them up in foobar (view by artist), all is as expected and well. For example the song "Let It Go" comes up in two places:
Disney-->Frozen-->05. Let It Go
and also
Idina Menzel-->Frozen-->05. Let It go

However this does not happen when looking things up via the UPnP Media Server, it doesn't split them up properly and show them as separate artist entires. How can I change/modify or add to the media server code to get it to display correctly? The code I am using is listed below (only the artist section is listed):

<SubTree label="Artists">
<spec type="object.container.person.musicArtist">%artist%</spec>
<spec type="object.container.album.musicAlbum">%album%</spec>
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