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my foobar folder

i have random crashes, mostly just after start of a new track. i've thought that it was related to hardware mixing in direct sound 2.0 output plugin, but i have disabled that and i'm still getting random crashes ...

my foobar folder

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Wow, 20MB foobar2000 folder with over 70 components.
That might be the cause... 

my foobar folder

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Wow, 20MB foobar2000 folder with over 70 components.
That might be the cause... 

Why would that be a problem?
I think it's quite usual to have >20 meg foobar dir (mine's 25MB, with 180 different files ).
It's just the same if you have 100 components or just 5. The problem can still be there. Of course, with a big amount of components, it's more likely to happen that you have a buggy component, but still you could have it in your 5 component setup.

my foobar folder

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But it should be so much easier to isolate a buggy component from a 5-component setup than a 70-component setup...
5 components are way too little for FB2K to be fully functional, though.

my foobar folder

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All I had to do was make a new playlist (and switch to it) with your foobar install and it crashed 

edit: in foo_looks actually, but it went away with current ver of foo_looks.

edit2: actually i lie, log attached if danZ wants to look at it. it maybe related to the fact it failed to load the skin.

my foobar folder

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heh you guys have alot of stuff that isn't needed then I guess.

I have a fully functional foobar installation with ~80 components and I'm under 10MB... Then again I dont keep a database (for now), and my playlists aren't that big.....

- mig