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Write playback history to file

I'm lookin for a plugin that can write the playback history to a file.

A couple of years ago I had it already working, but after my HDD crashed I had to customize foobar from scratch.
Unfortunately I can't remember which plugin I have used and if it's still working with the latest foobar.

Here are three components I found, but they don't seem to do what I want:

Does something I need even exist?

Re: Write playback history to file

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Retrieves the date part (formatted as YYYY-MM-DD) from a time/date string.
Retrieves the time part (formatted as HH:MM:SS or HH:MM) from a date/time string
Join both :)
Code: [Select]
$date(%datetime%) $time(%datetime%)

Re: Write playback history to file

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Unfortunately that's not working, I just get a "?"

See Screenshot on OneDrive

Any other ideas?
Well, I could write a script that takes the datetime string and converts it to what I need, but maybe there's a simpler solution.

Re: Write playback history to file

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Was expecting %datetime% followed TF format like the dates retrieved by other plugins (*).  obviously without that format it doesn't work. Use substring and extract what you need manually, there is no other way. You will need multiple calls to extract every part.


 (*) YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss

You need to create a a substitution for all 12 months. Like the first line. Have no idea what format the plugin uses, if it's always 3 chars, etc. so adjust as needed.
Code: [Select]
$right(%datetime%,4)-$get(month)-$left($right(%datetime%,16),2) $left($right(%datetime%,13),8)



Re: Write playback history to file

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I've got it:
Code: [Select]

%artist% - %title%$crlf()

Finally ,this is exactly what I need:

P.S.: Working with variables makes life much easier 😉