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Topic: Where did foo_uie_peakmeter go? (Has been answered) (Read 254 times) previous topic - next topic
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Where did foo_uie_peakmeter go? (Has been answered)

I'm having to re-setup foobar but for the life of me I can't find "foo_uie_peakmeter" anymore.
The download link from the home page is dead and it isn't listed in the components repository anymore.
But I could have sworn I downloaded it from there just a few weeks ago? Maybe I'm mistaken?
This was one of my absolute favourite components, I can't imagine foobar without it.

For the time being I'll just use an old version (it was a pretty old component anyway).
But if someone could clarify what happened to it and/or where I can download the latest version, it would be greatly appreciated.
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