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Topic: How to install a .dll instead of .fb2k-component? (Read 286 times) previous topic - next topic
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How to install a .dll instead of .fb2k-component?

All of the downloads for extensions I find are .dll, but the installation instructions require a .fb2k-component file. How do I install the .dll files?

Re: How to install a .dll instead of .fb2k-component?

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Oh, thanks! Thought I tried that already.

Re: How to install a .dll instead of .fb2k-component?

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You probably got an old component in a  foo*.zip file? From Preferences -> Components, click Install and select the .zip. Without extracting!
The more recent ".fb2k-component" suffix is just a renamed .zip
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Re: How to install a .dll instead of .fb2k-component?

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Idiotic web browsers like to rename .fb2k-component downloads to .zip. You know, because renaming to match the server reported MIME type is less confusing to the user.

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