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How to disable internal limiter?

When I play a file that has an ungodly amount of clipping, foobar is apply some kind of limiter. It's more of a dynamic gain control to avoid hard clipping.

I have all DSPs, enhancements and ReplayGain disabled. A clean install of an older version (v1.3.17) also exhibits the same behavior.

Has anyone else experienced this or have a solution?
One final thing I will be trying later today is adding my own FFmpeg binary through the decode wrapper component.

Re: How to disable internal limiter?

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There is no internal limiter in fb2k, unless you use limiter in DSP. If you use output in normal (i.e. not exclusive) mode, then Windows' limiter will act.
If you don't want to use exclusive mode output but prefer clipping over limiter, use Hardclip DSP -
Also you can simply use volume control in fb2k to lower peaks level and so avoiding both limiter and clipping.

Re: How to disable internal limiter?

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and ReplayGain disabled.
But why? Using ReplayGain resolves it all.

Uh, assuming that it clips because you need to limit the volume, that is.
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