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Reliable bluetooth pause/resume

When I turn my car off/on and bluetooth playback is paused/resumed, sometimes playback resumes at the point in the song where playback was interrupted, (preferred...) while other times playback resumes from the beginning of the song. (not preferred...)

Does anybody know why this happens and if there is a way to reliably resume from the point of playback interruption? Other music players have no problems doing this.

Re: Reliable bluetooth pause/resume

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foobar2000 mobile has minimal accounting for latency in its output chain. Hence the only latency correction is for the seek position and time display, and why there's no visualization subsystem implemented.

The player would need full latency accounting, including all output buffering, and would need to know how much to seek backwards to resume if the output device is lost and restarted during playback.

It could also be that it was designed simply to not bother seeking backwards when restarting output, and doesn't buffer redundant PCM data to match the output latency, "just in case" the output needs to be completely refilled.

Re: Reliable bluetooth pause/resume

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I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the reply!