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U2021 going offtopic

foobar2000 for Mac is built for x86_64+arm64 already.

foobar2000 for Windows does run under CrossOver for Mac, even on M1. There may be some limitations, such as OpenGL stuff working or not, if you install such things.
Thank you, do you update the AMR plugin? because foo doesn't play some AMR file recorded with old Nokia & Sony Ericsson phones.

Re: U2021 going offtopic

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What AMR plugin? At the very least, that would require yet another FFmpeg change, to include support for it in FFmpeg and to amend a frontend to support the container/stream.

I mean, if AMR is using a system codec, it would need to be supplemented by FFmpeg, which probably has wider support of formats.

Re: U2021 going offtopic

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The official one on foo site, it's outdated.

Re: U2021 going offtopic

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foo_input_ffmpeg might be the better option, as foo_input_amr only supports narrowband AMR, not wideband.

Re: U2021 going offtopic

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Thank you.