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Navigation/usability issues

There is a lot to like about F2K Mobile, but I'm having trouble accomplishing the most basic tasks.  Perhaps I'm missing something?

When I am in my library, and I add some tracks to the default playlist, I often want to then go to the playlist, to perhaps edit it or start playing what I just added.  The only way I can see to get there is to keep hitting "back" to go to the top of the tree, then go down into Playlists, and select the default playlist.  At least 4 clicks.  Jumping to the default (or currently playing) playlist is a common operation.  Perhaps a swipe-right would be a good way to get there.

Likewise, when I'm on the Now Playing screen I often need to go to the currently playing playlist.  If I swipe-right I go to the last place I was in the tree.  To get to the default playlist I need to navigate back up to the top of the tree and back down into Playlists.  Perhaps a swipe-down, swipe-up, or swipe-left would be a good way to get there.  (A previous feature request from someone else suggested a display of which playlist is playing, and the current position in it.  That feature would complement this one nicely.)

I'm not seeing how to add a track or folder to a specific playlist.  My options seem to be "Add to playlist: default" or "Create a new playlist".  

I like the architecture of using playlists instead of a "now playing queue".  But this would be more powerful if the currently playing playlist had some navigational shortcuts.  For example, if I'm currently playing playlist "Blah" and I want to add a track to it from the library, I should be able to do so from the context menu in the library.  In other words, the context menu choices in the library should logically be:
  • Add to playlist: default
  • Add to currently playing playlist: Blah
  • Add to a different playlist
  • Create a new playlist

Maybe one more choice would be very powerful:
  • Insert as next item in currently playing playlist: Blah

Thanks for your consideration!