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Re: Find & Play

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 I don't play .mp3
playlist viewer likes_playlist also does not draw information instantly.You only need to restart foobar2000.
If the information is in the cache, then of course it will be drawn instantly.
If you use the search for the Youtube Source component, everything works well.
I will look for the reason.
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Re: Find & Play

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Well the reason is as given in this post:

To provide correct metadata for youtube items, Find & Play sends artist\album\track numbers\title etc to foo_youtube since it knows them. This means they can be accurately shown in the playlist. So foo_youtube is operating in metadata override mode. In that mode foo_youtube doesn't get further stuff from youtube like thumbnails or view counts etc until the track is played.
The advantage of doing it that way is that the annoying add locations dialogue doesn't appear.

In contrast, I believe youtube source gets all the info from youtube before loading it into the playlist, and so it's immediately available.

Personally, I've never been bothered about showing things like view count or youtube thumbnails - they're variable in quality.
Artwork can always be immediately provided by using your own sources, e.g. put a fallback artist image at the end of the file>preferences>display>album art>front cover patterns.

I think a solution would require a change in the foo_youtube plug-in so that Find & Play has control over whether or not foo_youtube delays obtaining stuff from youtube until playback is started in metadata override mode. This would need to be OPTIONAL as I like it as it is.

May be something like fb2kx_delay_load could be added to the URL sent to foo_youtube with values of true or false, instead of the current detection mechanism (if 3dyd reads this). Then it could be a user configurable option in Find & Play. But it would result in add locations popups if delay load is off.

Re: Find & Play

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It would be nice to have a pattern for extracting the URL of the thumbnail of the clip
It doesn't work out a little:
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Re: Find & Play

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Find&Play crashes on my side when selecting an album it can not find, e.g. search for Rolling Stones leads to album "Rolled Gold +", which seem to be undefined and leads to a crash when selected.

Code: [Select]
this.album is undefined

File: web.js
Line: 2013, Column: 8
Stack trace:

Re: Find & Play

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I have found a solution. It should be fixed for the next version.


Thanks for the feedback. I had actually spotted that one! So it should be fixed for the next version.

Re: Find & Play

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Just wanted to say I've finally had a chance to start playing with this and it's AWESOME!  Thank you so much for your efforts here. I've been just suffering along direct playing tracks, albums, artists, genres and building my own playlists and whatnot for the past years, and recently got re-inspired to try to find a SoftPlaylists replacement/alternative (for local files). I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses, but it's already fantastic in library mode! It's probably not a very common use case, but I'd personally love the ability to mass tag my files with the playcount so I could leverage the metadata more broadly across foobar (e.g., to sort on), use with other components, etc.


Re: Find & Play

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Incredible work, I came here hoping for a streaming replacement and found one.