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Re: foo_youtube

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Hi, same problem here.
it is a youtube-dl issue apparently :
there is a youtube-dl fork using the same syntax : yt-dlp
some people said this one work fine, I'm trying to use it with foo_youtube.
no succes for know, but I dont really know what I'm doing.
Can someone help us with this please ?
Thanks a lot.

Re: foo_youtube

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yt-dlp it didn't help me  :(
YouTube Music

Re: foo_youtube

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I am having major issues with adding tags to larger (>1000 tracks) playlists of youtube links, even with 'very clean' foobar config (fb 1.6.7, foo_yt 3.7.2 only, portable): Usually fb crashes without report, in rare occations when a report is generated, it points to foo_youtube and input_entry::g_open_for_info_write (see attached).
Instability seems to be caused by youtube-dl (which has not been updated since June 6th), switching to yt-dlp brings full stability in my case (so far). It is included as external binary at File/Preferences/Tools/Youtube Source/Maintanance.
@3dyd: any plans to set yt-dlp as standard in foo_youtube?

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