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Title: Context menu ordering of those populated with data from library/config
Post by: millzeyweb on 2021-11-27 00:30:32
I currently use an embarrasingly ancient version of foobar 1.3.16, and it serves me well but I was wondering about an issue that often limits my configuration patience, and sadly I'm pretty sure of what the answer I'm looking for will be.

For context menus that supply all the playlists in the library (exclusive to user components I'm assuming) they are always listed in the order of creation. Choosing a desired playlist for actions when you have way too many playlists is virtually impossible. Same goes for components that display a dropdown for playlist selection of a configuration option. This presents itself as a frustrating issue using both the default playlist viewer and ESplaylist, as well as any component sending tracks to other playlists. Sorted alphabetically with a seperated section at the top that is manually ordered would be ideal for presenting both data.

Similar with the default UI, if you have many custom columns created, they are also listed in order of creation when toggling visibilty. Also the same when configuring custom columns, they are listed the same and can't be sorted to identify duplicates, or making higher priority or more frequenly toggled columns at the top. If the table was sortable the same way keyboard shortcuts is, with ability to move a selection up/down in the order would be quite helpful.

I'm guessing the only available solution is a scripted playlist viewer to replace both, but what I'd like to know before I bother migrating to the latest version, could somebody tell me has this already been addressed in the latest version, or the likelyness this configuration creativity drawback will be fixed someday?
Title: Re: Context menu ordering of those populated with data from library/config
Post by: marc2k3 on 2021-11-27 07:38:16
IIRC, foo_simplaylist_manager can sort playlists by name. For prioritising playlists, you might look at foo_plorg.

The JSplaylist and JS smooth playlist manager scripts included with my own JScript Panel component also allow sorting playlists by name. But these require at least fb2k v1.5.

As for playlist columns, you can can drag/drop entries in the main preferences under Display>Default UI>playlist view