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Title: Device-Priority-SMP
Post by: regor on 2021-10-09 10:12:32
Device-Priority-SMP (https://github.com/regorxxx/Device-Priority-SMP)

Spider Monkey Panel Script for, built within a button. Automate foobar2000's output without having to select devices manually every time one is disconnected/connected. Wireless, headphone, and server devices auto-switch made easy.


Compatible with (toolbar)

 1. Search-by-Distance-SMP (https://github.com/regorxxx/Search-by-Distance-SMP): creates intelligent "spotify-like" playlist using high-level data from tracks and computing their similarity using genres/styles.
 2. Playlist-Tools-SMP (https://github.com/regorxxx/Playlist-Tools-SMP): Offers different pre-defefined examples for intelligent playlist creation.

Copy all files from the zip into YOUR_FOOBAR_PROFILE_PATH\scripts\SMP\xxx-scripts 
Any other path WILL NOT work without editing the scripts.
For ex: mine is c:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000\scripts\SMP\xxx-scripts\... 
For portable installations >= 1.6: .\foobar2000\profile\scripts\SMP\xxx-scripts\... 
For portable installations <= 1.5: .\foobar2000\scripts\SMP\xxx-scripts\... 
Then load 'buttons_device_priority.js' (button) into a SMP panel within foobar.

If you already have the toolbar from any of my other scripts, just load the button using the config menu on the toolbar within foobar2000 (see previous gif). Also read file '_TIPS and INSTALLATION.txt for additional comments about foobar portable installations, not properly following the installation instructions will result in scripts not working as intended. Please don't report errors before checking this.

Download latest release (or nightly releases) at github:
https://github.com/regorxxx/Device-Priority-SMP (https://github.com/regorxxx/Device-Priority-SMP)
Title: Re: Device-Priority-SMP
Post by: regor on 2021-10-10 19:10:49
New update, idiot of me.. I missed a file on the release so it could not work. Now fixed. No more changes.
Check 1.0.1.
Title: Re: Device-Priority-SMP
Post by: regor on 2021-10-14 17:36:13
Made it easier populating the list of available devices by adding new connected ones instead of recreating the entire list.
   ### Added
   - New menu entry 'Add new devices to list' which adds any non present device to the list of available options. This can be used as workaround instead of connecting all devices which will be used to create the complete list, adding devices on demand in an incremental way... much easier than recreating the entire list whenever a change has to be made.
   ### Changed
   - Helpers: additional checks at json loading on all scripts. Warnings via popup when a corrupted file is found.
   ### Removed
   ### Fixed
   - Fixed crash when loading corrupt devices json file. Now warns about it with a popup.
Title: Re: Device-Priority-SMP
Post by: regor on 2021-12-24 09:09:51
Minor update for compatibility with latest Playlist Tools.