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I'm happy to announce my first foobar2000 plugin, foo_nowplaying2.

What it does is output a title-formatted string with the playback state to a user-configured file. That file can be consumed by software such as OBS Studio - Text (GDI+) source.

Get it from github -

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Thank you! I've been looking for a replacement for NP. I use it to overlay text of what's playing when I stream.

When I click on Releases, it goes to a 404. I am logged into GitHub.
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Thank you!
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@foxX :  please add an option to limit the size of a log text file by specifying the maximum number of entries, after which new entries will make older ones "spool off."  Thanks for the 64-bit version!

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Now Playing 2 0.1 (foo_nowplaying2) (2023-09-09)
vearsion remains 0.1.

It was also v0.1 when I was in "Now Playing 2 0.1 (foo_nowplaying2) (2023-07-09)".
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Hi! I was so happy to find your add-in! It works like a charm. I am using it to project info about the current playing track. One question or idea...

Would it also be possible to export in such a way data about THE NEXT track in a queue? I would need this to announce what is playing next while the current track is still playing.