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runtime folder

What is the purpose of the runtime folder, I have some foobar2000 installation directories that can be started normally after deleting it, but some cannot be started after deleting it.
Which Microsoft runtime library does the runtime folder correspond to? Can I install it separately? windows11 operating system.

Re: runtime folder

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The runtime directory contains Universal C Runtime. It is bundled in Windows 10 and newer and can be downloaded and installed manually on older OSes.

The player uses a manifest trick to load the dlls from the subdirectory. We wanted to do it this way instead of spamming the main install dir with dozens of extra files. I recall the manifest trick caused a failure to launch the program if the runtime files were missing from the specified directory. That is why it is always extracted even on OSes where it's built-in. But it seems to work fine now at least with the latest OS version.