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Possible Bug if not Feature request.

I will try to be specific.

after I set Playback > Order to play Random tracks, the (play) Previous function doesn't work on that mode, it stops playing. This make very hard to find the track which was played eariel, especially when there is more than 500 tracks in the playlist, it take hours to find it... I think play Previous on Random Order was working in the past (to confirm)  if Im wrong is it possible to implement that feature on the next release? 🤞 So I could use random feature with peace of mind that I can back to the tracks which was played eariel.

I want to thank Peter  and all people involved on this project including add-ons authors, foobar is with me for more than 10y! Great work! Namaste.

Re: Possible Bug if not Feature request.

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This is intended behavior. No, random did not work like that in the past. Use shuffle if you want that behavior.

Re: Possible Bug if not Feature request.

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Maybe that feeling of missing behavior is coming from Spotify play previous track...
Hmm is there a good reason to not make it working like it works in Shuffle Order? In both play Orders Random/Shuffle I could trace all tracks hops till beginning of foobar session, so  data of played tracks are kept. Or its more like philosophical thing.

Re: Possible Bug if not Feature request.

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Do you want the earlier track to re-listen or just to check the performer/title because you don't know.
If the second you can trace back in the console to find it.