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About selected items.

Hi there.
Before going into my problem here's my «setup» (check with image): I'm using EsPlaylist - both on top and on bottom - to manage my library. The bottom one is used as a library viewer - search for albums/files. Once a selection is double-clicked it goes to the only existing playlist that shows up above.
What I now want to do is to create a shortcut that adds the selection to the playlist, without playing (kind of enqueues it). I know the EsPlaylist preferences have a way to set this up with the middle button or right click button. However I'd like to keep the middle click to open and close groups (albums in this case) and the right click to add & play, therefore it's useless to make the middle click button to »add to playlist« as it'll only open and close the album. Therefore I installed some component that enabled «Legacy Commands», and in there, it exists the «Add to Playlist» that does exactly what I want.

Problem arises when I realise that this «Add to Playlist» command gives priority to selections in the playlist splitter (top one) rather to the library splitter (bottom one). Whenever I add an album to the playlist everything in it becomes selected in the playlist viewer unless I click away. Only way I found to disable this behaviour was to select «cursor follows playback». But then the problem illustrated in the image happens - Clicking the «Add to Playlist» shortcut adds another instance of the selected track, instead of adding the selected album from library splitter.

Is there any smart and ergonomic way to do what I want in just one click? Like not selecting everything I send to the playlist?
(I'm ok with the highlight, the problem is the selection).