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Since flac is lossless, any conversion to an uncompressed format will be perfect.

Spectrograms are good for eyeballing things, but there's no point in using a program to compare those images.
I was looking for a streaming device and found by googling many of them but so far no one that matches my requirements.

I hope some of you can recommend me one. Here are what i want and what is not important for me:

  • It must support Air Play, DLNA, Spotify Sonnect and Chromecast built-in
  • It should not be a dongle but a real device with good build-quality and ethernet connection
  • It should read the content of usb-storage-devices
  • the correspondending app don't have to offer implemented services - i don't care about them

So far the best what i have found are some new devices from onkyo and pionner but for whatever reason the devices are not dlna certfied anymore

One approach would be to obtain one of the Android computers intended for use as an TV set top bpxes, and load it with apps that handle the protocols and formats that you desire. These devices are relatively small and inexpensive, and generally in the form of a small box to which one connects  various interface mediia, including BT , Wifi, Ethernet, HDMI (usually just output), USB, digital audio coax (usually just output), and 5 volt power.  Analog audio  and, toslink interfaces are rare as well as  HDMI and coax audio inputs.
My first thread here.

I would like to know decoding FLAC to wav using FLAC front end will have any degradation in quality?

Also is there any s/w which can compare the speks of two audio files? Eg FLAC and WAV comparison of same song?
What's the benefit of real-time up/down sampling? I thought people use these kind of plugins just for converting?
The benefit of real time is you don't have to remaster you entire music library to enjoy a high sample rate, because it's done on the fly.
It does sound like some component is misbehaving. Googling for the watermark detector name suggests it is also a watermark eliminator. Try disabling that component as a start.

Also check your output device selection. If there has been some mishappening and the device dropdown has nothing selected the player most likely won't work right.

If neither of these help make a test portable install without any third party components and test your multichannel FLACs there. If it's a configuration or component issue everything should work properly.

There is no built-in way to adjust levels per-channel. But you can do that with at least Matrix Mixer.
Good info on the LDAC.  I wonder if it will really take off, as I think that, despite the future Android support, I'm not sure what problem it is solving.  If you want higher resolution, it seems that cast and airplay are already in place and have the solid backing of lots of influential players.
It's solving the problem of Sony not having a proprietary format to push in this decade. Joking aside, it's not so much a direct competition to Airplay/Cast, since it's a BT codec, you don't need WiFi. It's a direct competition to aptX. Both are proprietary codecs that work through A2DP. BT in general also has much less latency than Airplay/Cast, both of which are impossible to do for video (unless you're streaming video/audio together), so for instance, no video watching on your phone and sound playing on your Airplay/Cast speaker. And forget about games. BT sometimes can support even games. Dunno if LDAC has any improvements on latency, but aptX has a low-latency codec, unfortunately I'm not sure if it's that popular. I've only seen one super crappy noisy as hell adapter that I bought and returned at Amazon.

Why would you want 96 kHz/24 bit music to be played through a portable speaker that, due to its portability, has to make all sorts of compromises?
Personally, I don't care about "hi-res" audio, but Sony is pushing it relatively hard. I don't like that marketing part of it, but on the other hand they are coming out with interesting products that not many other brands are, like their portable Cast speakers. I'm mildly interested in LDAC not for the "hi-res", but for the much higher bitrate than regular SBC. I would rather them concentrate in reducing latency though, than silly hi-res marketing that should have died in the 90's.

My hunch is that the portable audio community will work out the network routing implicit with needing a common access point for wifi, and that is much easier to solve than introduction of a new bluetooth codec.
There is WiFi Direct, but from what I've found myself, it's a mess. More miss than hit, to be honest. And I'm pretty sure its main feature, being able to stay connected to a WiFi access point and at the same time connecting via WiFi Direct to another device, requires hardware support that I don't think any current phone has (that I know of).

PS: btw, I don't remember where I got that the XB3 supported aptX, apparently it doesn't. I know some of the older speakers did, like the x7, but the newer ones like my x77 stopped supporting it in favor of their own proprietary codec. Just Sony being Sony.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Library Tree Discussion
Last post by Axonn -
That's a pretty nice tool. Thank you! :). However, it's just a workaround. I am still wondering if the WilB has a better source somewhere. If not, I'm cool with that! :).

One more thing: do you know any other JSPanel components? Is there a repository for updated components (that work with the latest JSPanel)? I already have the "Smooth series" (br3tt). I'm trying to find more samples to look at :).

What I have left with me now is a Bryston 3B ST(a power amp)and a pair of Bohlender & Graebener Z-7 loudspeakers. So I need :
A.)A source(DAC+CD player. A player is important because I still use CDs)
2.)A pre-amp

1.)Is it true that modern source and amps are all sounding more similar than different with each other?

Depends what you call modern. Amps started sounding pretty much alike after the second or third generation of SS amps, which would be in the 1980s at the latest.  Vinyl playback gear always sounded different and AFAIK it still does due to inhernent technical limitations.  Reasonably good CD players always sounded alike, and the general run of CD player started being good in the late 1980s. The price of a good CD player then started going down and down, with the result that it is hard to buy one that has poor enough audio to sound different, outside of some very high priced boutique items that are designed to sound different, which is to say in general, worse.  These days you can't find CD players very easily, and in fact your garden variety ca. $100 Blue Ray (BD) player sounds as good as anything. But watch it, many don't even have analog outputs.  The common interconnect of 2017 is HDMI.

What's a good option for me?

1.A receiver as a preamp+DAC and some cheap player with a digital out.

This  can work. The cheapest player will probably be a BD player with just a HDMI output, but the AVR (modern receiver) will have HDMI inputs, so this will work for audio and also audio/video.

Your existing speakers can work with the AVR.

Sell the Bryston and you might get enough cash to fund all of the new gear.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Change Text in the Title Bar
Last post by darkflame23 -
Menu: File - Preferences - Display - Default User Interface - Playback State Display Formatting - Window

Add whatever syntax you'd like, et voila!
Support - (fb2k) / Change Text in the Title Bar
Last post by JohnTravolski -
Is there any way to change the text that appears in the title bar of the window for Foobar2000?  I'm on Windows 10, and here's a picture of what I mean:

It seems to display information based on some of the tags of the song.  However, is there any way to change which tags are shown and in what order?  Would it also be possible to show the filename in the title bar?