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Topic: JScript to set the ADDED_TIMESTAMP tag to the earliest one per album (Read 267 times) previous topic - next topic
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JScript to set the ADDED_TIMESTAMP tag to the earliest one per album

Hi all,

Let us say I have an album that has whatever number of tracks but there are different values for the playback statistics tag ADDED_TIMESTAMP.

Would it be easy to write a custom JScript to go over my library on a per album basis and get the lowest number in the format for playback statistics '129426239400000000' and use that for the remaining album, then do the next album?

I assume the best thing to do is get an array of all albums, then get the lowest ADDED_TIMESTAMP value and then assign it to each track on the album?

I'm okay with JScript but never used the API for foobar2000. Would the method above be a good way to tackle this?

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