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General Audio / Re: Tidal: Yes or no?
Last post by polemon -
Isn't this the company offering MQA streaming? The one company offering MQA streaming is also called "TIDAL", iirc, not sure if it's this one.

The entire MQA thing reminds me a bit of the Pono Player. It is a bit like selling snake oil to a faithful but gullible user base.
Easy now!
General Audio / Re: Tidal: Yes or no?
Last post by Chibisteven -
I like the sound of Spotify better.  The sound of I don't have to pay anything to stream music from your service.   I don't like the sound of commercials but at least it's free.
Isn't that ironic?  The audiophool has a company in the Twin Cities and not far away either.

*throws brick through business window with a note attached saying "Stop committing fraud ya fool from the HydrogenAudio Forums called "Atmasphere""*
CD Hardware/Software / Re: CUETools DB
Last post by zegrelo -
Can anyone clarify me about "Rel" column? I think "Rel" comes from "Relevance" but I dont understand the meaning of it.
Sometimes "Rel" column is empty but other times there are values between 0 and 100 I think.
From my understanding empty would be the best "value", followed by 100 until 0, right?
FWIW, I don't think so. I believe he does use his name both as a nickname and for his boutique amp company. I don't think he had marketing or promotion in mind joining here.
Ok, but I take it that you do think that Atmasphere the HA member is indeed something to do with the company of the same name? Perhaps he could confirm that himself just so we don't jump to any erroneous conclusions.

By coincidence I looked up the user manual for the MP3 and google returned this link:'s_Manual.pdf

(Executive summary: Please skip to the last line of the quoted  document)

Follow the link and on the second page you will find the following:

"You have purchased one of the world's finest preamplifiers and certainly one of
the most unique. It was over fifteen years in development and represents a
level of performance that others will be struggling to achieve for years to
come. At the time of this writing, it is the only fully balanced differential
vacuum tube design in the world and undoubtedly heralds a new breed. You do not
have to wait all you have to do is set the preamplifier up by following the
simple instructions in this manual.

Every part of the preamplifier has been extensively tested and engineered so
the product will perform flawlessly for years to come, with little if any

Please read the manual carefully and follow the instructions closely. If you
have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your dealer or Atma-Sphere Music
Systems, Inc.. Here's to many years of happy listening!


Ralph Karsten
Actually, if he had a stereo pair of MA-3s running (1.414kW of heaters), he could turn the furnace fan off and not get 60Hz hum on his Zoom recording!
Don't be surprised when the 60Hz hum doesn't go away.
Sorry, i've forgotten one word in my sentence and the parameters were not defined.
So, here is the complete schematic for the motor force (BL) understanding IMHO.

This is all rather beside the point.  In practice "motor" force is pretty irrelevant.  Choose the low frequency response you want and the size of the box and when you have done that the driver parameters are pretty well determined.  Blatherings about "driver force" are misleading at best, and at worst irrelevant woo designed to confuse the ignorant.

This is the simplified explanation of the Scanspeak loudspeaker drivers datasheets  :D
I really like the way they try to explain things.

General Audio / Re: Tidal: Yes or no?
Last post by greynol -
Deffinantly YES I am not an Audio nerd but I love the sound of TIDAL and I use on all my devices ;)
Do you love the sound of SPOTIFY or any streaming done with more sensible bandwidth?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_uie_quicksearch
Last post by tipar -
You can do that with Facets but I supposed that if you do not like that particular component your is pretty useful.