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Guess I should stop reading stuff half asleep. For some reason I read that as OP already had this problem before and has adjusted the settings then. My bad.

With that said, this (people not adjusting the component settings for v1.3 playlists) seems to be recurring problem. Perhaps the best course of action would be to put out a warning at the component download page suggesting people to make said changes?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
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Just a tip here in case anyone was getting this error.

(FATAL) Error: Authorization Failed (401) [Is OAuth working?](url:

[ESCAPE to close]

Make sure that your system time is set correctly. I dual boot Mint and Windows 10, foo_discogs was working fine in Mint, but not in Windows 10. I realised that there is some conflict between the two OSes on my system, where the Windows 10 time gets set 2 hours off every time I boot it after being in Linux Mint, which causes this error in foo_discogs.

Fix the system clock time and OAuth works. (I found this fix only because foo_audioscrobbler was also giving a message in the console suggesting to ensure your system time isn't off).
So yeah, I guess foobar overwrote all the actual data inside the playlists with 0x00 bytes upon the crash.......nice
thanks guys.
You can try opening one of your zip files (most likely located in foobar2000/autobackup) and overwriting your existing installation with the contents.
This won't help. As @spaceploit already pointed out his playlists were not considered for backup by foo_jesus.
there were those playlists, but not empty files
Actually they are empty. They contain no information at all, only 0x00 bytes. So, there is no chance to get your playlists back, if you don't have a backup.
You can try opening one of your zip files (most likely located in foobar2000/autobackup) and overwriting your existing installation with the contents. Presumably you have multiple zip files with different dates, try all of them. If that doesn't work your settings (things that were set to be backup up) were most likely inadequate and need to be tweaked.

If your job/hobby/whatever relies on these files, you should make more effort towards securing them. Consider using a portable installation and backing that one up as a whole (or the corresponding directory for a regular install). Use a software that mirrors it/backs it up to a separate drive. Maybe a separate PC. Maybe back it up online at regular intervals. Storage space nowadays is fairly cheap so it's better to just go slightly overkill with backups so you can thank yourself later when things go bad.

Speaking of that, you should research why things get corrupted in the first place.
More screenshots and nice updates

I added screenshots to most (all?) graphical programs in ReallyRareWares. Some are bland, some are amazing, several are just horrid. Have fun perusing them!

Besides the screenshots, these are the novelties:

  • A page for FhG MP3 Sourround (thanks to Zachary Jelesoff)
  • A page for FhG MP3HD hybrid compressor (thanks to Zachary Jelesoff)
  • A page for the super obscure ALF2 CD codec (thanks to Zachary Jelesoff)
  • Lots of old Foobar2000 versions (thanks to Thundik81)
  • SoundApp player and converter for classic Mac OS
  • LTAC/LPAC lossless compressors
Can you please make changing volume with mouse wheel (when pointer is over DeskBand Controls) not affect other programs including foobar2000?
Not a deskband issue. You can test by scrolling when hovering over start button for example...

OK! Fair enough but can you make Deskband Controls bring back focus to whatever it was on before after I right click on Deskband Controls toolbar and choose something like Stop after current from context menu?
Clicking on any Deskband Controls toolbar buttons (stop, play, next) doesn't take away focus from whatever it was on, so I thought it would be great if selecting something from context menu (right click) also didn't take away focus from what it was on before right clicking on Deskband Controls toolbar.
Hi all,

I had a major issue with foobar the other day. I'm not sure if it happened because of hibernation, or because foobar closed due to no RAM available the other day, but when I tried to run foobar again, it told me that it's having trouble loading my data and config, offering to "ignore", "abort" and "try again". After trying again a couple of times with no success, I aborted, only to try restarting foobar again which offered the same choice...Finally, I went with "ignore" which resulted in my config gone, library missing from the left pane, and MISSING PLAYLISTS. This is a huge deal for me because I work on those playlists daily, and eventually use them as a basis for my djing. If I don't recover them, it would mean something like 3-4 months of my selection work (which means hundreds of tracks, if not thousands) is lost!

As a similar thing happened to me last year, I've got foo-jesus at the time but apparently it didn't backup my playlists folder because it's called playlists-v1.3 and not playlists ! (for the record, I haven't renamed that folder, I guess it's just plugins not working well with one another unless you set them up  :(  :(  :( ) . It only backed up my theme file, the configuration folder, and index-data folder, which is empty in all the backups. And yes, thank you, I set the Jesus to save me next time by covering for all playlists* folders, but that's not gonna help me with what happened now.

So, after ignoring the error foobar pointed to me, there have been playlists loaded, and the same number of them like there were originally, but they've lost their names, now being called something like (I forgot exactly) "saved playlist 001", "saved playlist 002" etc, with no songs inside. When I went to the playlists-v1.3 folder in the foobar folder, there were those playlists, but not empty files (as you can see in the attachment), with what might be their original file sizes. I attached one of them (along with index.dat) just in case somebody knows what to do with it. I backed that folder up, as I'm hopeful that they still contain all the original songs, but I haven't been able to extract the data since they were still rendered as empty when loaded into foobar. Any ideas on how I can extract the original data from them? Is the index.dat file messed up and needs fixing? And no, loading them to foobar and trying to save them as m3u didn't work, it simply gave me empty playlists.

I'm running foobar 1.3.8 in regular mode (non-portable) on Windows 7.

Any ideas? Any help whatsoever would be immensely appreciated!!!

Also in the meanwhile (a while ago) they uploaded near-field HRIRs.
Though I don't know of anyone transforming them to be compatible with Equalizer APO.

I have done that already some time ago.
Here is a link to my OneDrive folder:!AnbO8YLUAW6Jh1XaISDxGiV5Mlym
There are some impulse responses included that can be used with EQ-APO.  I have written a short manual for the correct setup. That is also included.