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Topic: Plextor PX-230A vs. Lite-On SOHR-5239S (Read 10938 times) previous topic - next topic
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Plextor PX-230A vs. Lite-On SOHR-5239S

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>The PX-230A does cache

I don't think it does (see me msg on the spath cache test tool).

now Im starting to get confused wich one is it?, is there a review of this drive anywhere, could someone who already owns it post some test results?

Plextor PX-230A vs. Lite-On SOHR-5239S

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See here:

what about htoa and overread? is there absolutely no chance the px230 can do that (btw speaking of reviews was any of this mentioned in the c't article where they gave the px-230a top scores for its dae features ) (im trying to start getting my linux dae backup rig up and running after the exam season is over this friday  thanks for all the help )


Plextor PX-230A vs. Lite-On SOHR-5239S

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I've just received my px-230 and i'm very happy. All audio cd from which I had problems with my NEC ND 2510 are now accuratly ripped !!!
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