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Built-in WASAPI exclusive support - issues/bugs

Thought I would make a thread dedicated to issues/bugs related to the built-in WASAPI exclusive support starting with foobar2000 version 1.6.7.

Currently running 1.6.7 beta 5. My DAC is a Topping D10s which uses XMOS XU208 as USB interface.

The only bug I've experienced so far is the "Unrecoverable playback error: Buffer too large" error message which did not happen with the "WASAPI output support" component.

It appears when resuming a paused file with samplerate above 48kHz. This can be overcome by enabling smooth seeking, pause and volume changes. Another instance where it appears is when switching to a file or between files with a different samplerate above 48kHz, here it only happens with smooth seeking enabled. Then it happens when playing a file with samplerate above 48kHz and the screen turns off, this is not dependent on smooth seeking.

Hope this helps in ironing out the last bugs of the built-in WASAPI exclusive support.

Re: Built-in WASAPI exclusive support - issues/bugs

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This has been discussed lately and some found that setting wasapi exclusive to use event mode instead default push and / or adjusting buffer size partially solved the issues.

Check that at File / Preferences / Advanced / Playback / Exclusive mode
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Re: Built-in WASAPI exclusive support - issues/bugs

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Thanks! Event mode gets rid of the error message but is very picky about buffer settings. With a value between 12-20ms playback seems somewhat stable during my short time of testing but glitches creep in sometimes. Go one ms below and small glitches begin and go one ms above and sound start to stutter heavily.

Did try event mode on the "WASAPI output support" component without playing with buffer settings without luck. However push mode worked very well.

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