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High volume white noise when changing tracks using upnp

Hi everybody,

this is my first ever post on the forum, and it is quite normal as I have been so satisfied with Foobar2000 over the last few years.
I am so used to it and its functionality that I would find it very difficult to switch to another player and feel at home.
Over the last two years I have been streaming music to my integrated amp using its built-in streamer and foo_upnp.

However I am now trying to stream music directly to my Adi2 Pro. I am using an Engineered eRed Dock network card I have inserted into a box and it is connected to my Adi2 Pro using the AES EBU output.

For a while at the beginning it was fine but slightly awkward: recessed bass, and instruments which were not where they should be (like when you connect your speakers out of phase). I used the old '65 mix of Rubber Soul as a reference: voices were together with the drums on the right speaker for a start, while in the actual mix the drums are on the left and voices are on the far right. So I checked the parameters and saw maximum output was 16 bits. The eRed's output is 24 bits, so I set it at 24 bits. But the second I clicked "Apply", massive white noise burst out of the speakers.

I tried again and again at 24 bits, and the next day, at one point, I heard music instead of white noise. Much better bass, fuller sound, and the instruments were in the correct speakers at last. Great!

However white noise comes back approximately 50% of the time whenever I change tracks or click on another timing in the song I am listening to. Sometimes I also hear white noise and music in the background. Sometimes it seems to be gone and then it comes back as I click on another song, so basically I never know when my ears will be violated.

I thought it was the network card's fault as it was the only new component in the chain. However the other day I tried Audirvana and it read everything fine. No white noise, no dropout, no cursor sticking in the middle of a song... and no 16 or 24 bit setting, the player just transmitted the music as it was, 16 or 24 bit.

So it seems to be a foobar issue. I am disappointed as I much prefer foobar2000 to Audirvana (free, easy to customize, etc.) and do not want to change player. Is there any possibility to make things better?

Thanks for reading my post, all the best!

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