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Support - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v1.6.5 - Album Art Viewer showing wrong cover during track change
Last post by Sergey77 -
It seems problem is fixed in 1.6.8
I also noticed that the behavior of the Album Art Viewer has changed, for example for the URL of the playlist items.
But for local files like mp3, the behavior hasn't changed. It is the same as mentioned here: Reply #5
When moving to the next file, the cover changes if the next file has a different album name or a different artist name, this is typical for "Front Cover".
However, this is not the case for "Back Cover" and seems to work as expected here.
I am attaching the video to demonstrate what was said.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_beefweb - modern web interface
Last post by hyperblast -
Thanks for the component.

Can you explain how should I get playlist items with "/playlists/{playlistId}/items/{range}"?
"/playlists/0/items/0:10?columns=Title" returned items but without column values.

columns are title formatting expressions, so your example will look like


%25 yields % due to url encoding
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_beefweb - modern web interface
Last post by hyperblast -
Hi all, new version is available!  ;)

Changes in v0.5:

  • Added support for specifying custom response header (e.g. for CORS)
  • Added support for specifying custom web content directories
  • Added settings to customize window title and playback information panel content
  • Added support for different file browser add actions ("Add", "Add & Play", "Replace & Play")
  • Improved dialog styling in web UI
  • Clicking on status bar locates current track
  • Binaries are built with VS2017 and dynamic runtime libraries
  • Updated foobar2000 SDK to 2019-06-30
  • Updated boost to v1.71
  • Fixed preventing of foobar2000 update
  • Fixed "Port:" label overflow in settings page
  • Fixed error 500 when trying to browse directories with inaccessible files
  • Fixed browsing of root directory (e.g. C:\)
  • Fixed volume slider vertical alignment
Wiki Discussion / Re: Update (slim down?) lossless codecs' wiki pages?
Last post by jaybeee -
Maybe make sure that every article has early on the line about what "lossless" is
For this point I'd suggest simply linkifying the term lossless to allow the reader to visit the Lossless wiki entry. Which thankfully all the popular lossless codecs entries already have, with the exception of TAK, that I've since added. A minor point maybe, but no reason to duplicate the same info multiple times on multiple pages.
General - (fb2k) / Play MKA file and show the Chapters name
Last post by miclass -
Hi all,

I have several mp3 file (>500) and I wuold like to merge them in just one file, with an index. I am using MKVToolNix to merge all the files in just one MKA file, creating a Chapter for each of them, it seems to work.

If I open the MKA file with VLC, the player correctly identify the Chapters, showing them in the timeline and in the list of Chapters. If I try with foobar2000 (I drag&drop the MKA file in the playlist), it is correctly shown as split in several items, one for each Chapter but I have no clue how to display the Chapter name (which is visible in VLC). So far I managed only to display %subsong%, which is a numeric index of the chapter, but not it's name.

Any advice if/how is it possible to show also the Chapter name of a MKA file in foobar2000?

Thank you!
General Audio / Re: Windows Media Player Plus! - Various enhancements for WMP
Last post by Maxjonz -
I have installed the enhanced version of WMP - however what I would like to do is to run wmp from a VB6 program,  thereby playing a song, then at the end of the song, I want to automatically close wmp and return to the VB6 program.    At present I am running wmp as the default player as below

Retval = ShellExecute(hwnd, "open", PlayFile, "", "", SW_SHOWNORMAL)

This  plays the song but does not close wmp.   I guess what I need to know is - how to run wmp using the app's exe file , playing the song and then closing wmp down - what are the switches that I need to use in order to do this ?    Indeed is this possible, I can see how to close after the song by a manual intervention, but I may as well just click to close wmp at the end anyway !
Support - (fb2k) / Keyboard shortcut to press "proceed to converter setup dialog" in "Rip audio CD"
Last post by achenbach -
Hello friends,

how to jump to the key "Proceed to converter setup dialog" in the "Rip audio CD" screen without using a mouse click? The number of Tab strokes to get their differs, depending on actual presets. I want to create a keyboard shortcut to automatice the process after klicking "Rip".

Thanks for help with this "strange" question. :-[

Friedhelm Achenbach
Wiki Discussion / Update (slim down?) lossless codecs' wiki pages?
Last post by Porcus -
Most codecs' individual wiki pages are quite a bit outdated, often to the point of being misleading. 

Either one could make an effort to bring them up-to-date (... well how much is happening to them?) or I possibly: slim down some of them to the more permanent information (like author, when it was developed, some key features that are unlikely to be removed or change) and codec-specific usage guidance - and then a general "for more information, see the lossless comparison". 
Maybe make sure that every article has early on the line about what "lossless" is, plus then something about hybrid.  (The FLAC article explains this ... is that good and needed, or should it be relegated the
Likely make the info boxes up-right more uniform.

And that goes for some of the better maintained too, like Monkey's.

ALAC: good news, it was reverse-engineered in 2005.
LPAC: Author is recently working on MPEG-4 ALS, which as of April 2005 ...
RK Audio: "some years ago", "recently", ...
Shorten: "years ago" ... yeah, it's been years.
TAK: Page looks updated, but no mention of 2.3.1.
OptimFROG: Links to a 2005 lossless comparison, and calls its 2001 features "new".
TTA: Mixed bag isn't it?  But the encryption feature that the author has touted, isn't even mentioned.
WavPack: no mention of releases after 5.1.0
WMAL: "It's a welcome addition since it was the first lossless codec backed up by a major player in the multimedia compression field." 
(This is an article on all the WMA formats, and with obsolete information on the non-"L" WMAs too.)

And also:
According to , both LPAC and RK Audio are "popular".
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